• Helps soothe baby to sleep at night or during the day, ideal for long journeys or an afternoon nap
  • Easy to attach to car seat handles, cot rails or even moses baskets
  • Ewan has 4 comforting sounds, heartbeat, a vacuum cleaner, calming rain and a soothing harp
  • Ewan effectively helps children to sleep from birth up until any age
  • Gentle pink night light glows to soothe baby and comfort them by replicating the womb

Multi award winning ewan the dream sheep® emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink glow, which when combined, help settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. 

The heartbeat and womb sounds are actual recordings, not computer generated, and have been proven to have a calming effect with even the most unsettled baby. 

Vacuum cleaner, rain and harp recordings together with the womb sequence provide 4 different soothing sound tracks to choose from. The sounds were trialled on babies and toddlers to find the most effective ones and only then were they included in the final ewan the dream sheep®. 

He seems to be working his magic all around the globe and is even calming older children too… up to age 7 yrs so far! ewan the dream sheep® can be used at home – cot, moses basket etc and also when out and about too, as he can be secured to the pushchair or car seat by his Velcro tail. ewan’s tail is also great for securing a dummy or teething ring, so there’s no worry about it getting lost by falling out of the cot or pushchair.

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Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep Cream/Purple

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